---- SRIM 2011 ----


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for Win-95,-98, XP and Win-7 systems:


SRIM-2011 - Installation in PC with existing SRIM directory

It is not necessary to remove old copies of SRIM before installing SRIM-2011. SRIM-2011 can be installed in a separate directory, and it will not interfere with running the old copy of SRIM.

* Make a new directory called SRIM 2011.

* Download the new SRIM file and put it into this directory. You will need to rename the downloaded file to SRIM-2011.exe. Execute SRIM-2011.exe by right-clicking on it. Select Extract All Files from the submenu.

* Find the file SRIM 2011.exe. This is the SRIM start-up file. If you already have SRIM working on your computer, this new version should work without any problem.




1.      In the SRIM directory, there are ReadMe files in several languages. Find SRIM ReadMe (English-2011) This contains information about how to activate SRIM in newer Windows systems.

2.      One font file, Linedraw.TTF, must be installed in the Win-NT font directory: C:\WINNT\FONTS. This font is only necessary for some of the SRIM Help and output windows, and is not required for SRIM to execute. Once the font is installed, it must made active with the Font Manager in the MS-Control Panel application. If you do not install this font, some of the windows may contain unusual characters.



Trouble Shooting:

(1) Installation Error : Errors during Setup installation produces an error similar to: "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\*.OCX could not be installed". This error occurs because some applications change special Windows programs to "Read-only" so that they can not be accidently erased. These files are not part of the Windows operating system, but may be used by several applications. SRIM will upgrade any of these files which is older than the one needed by SRIM. Microsoft believes that all upgrades are backward-compatible, i.e. they will still work with programs which were installed using older versions.


The files which may be affected are:







You must note which files give this error. Then do the following:

(1) Open Windows Explorer

(2) Open C:\Windows\System

(3) Right-click on the file causing the error.

(4) Rename the file to save it, e.g. change COMCOL32.oxc -> COMCOL32.ox2.

(5) Execute Setup.exe for SRIM again. No error messages should appear.


If a problem still persists, then return these files to their original names.



(2) Strange characters Problem: Some of the Help panels in SRIM contain strange characters. This occurs if you do not have the font MS-LineDraw as an active font. This font is included in most Microsoft software packages. It is the font for the ASCII character set, and is required for some text windows in SRIM. It is NOT required to run any of the programs. You must activate this font using the "Fonts" icon in your Windows Control Panel.


( 3) TRIM Hangs-up : If you do NOT use Windows with ASCII characters (i.e. 8-bits/character as in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, etc.) there is a serious problem. Languages which require 16-bit letters (Japanese, Arabic, Russian, etc.) can not use the parts of SRIM which require typed input. You can solve this problem by changing you Regional Setting to English or any European language. This is done by: "My Computer" -> "Control Panel" -> "Regional Settings". Then reset you system to any European language. Although the system will tell you to reboot your PC, this is not necessary for some systems.


There is no possible fix for this problem that can be incorporated into SRIM. (I am indebted to Firas Rida, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia, for helping to fix this problem.)


(4) Weird Results : Problem: SRIM calculates weird values. SRIM is setup to use periods for decimal points. In some countries, the custom is to use commas for the decimal point. Further, some countries use commas to demark thousands, while others use spaces or periods. These International customs are not automatically converted by MS-Windows. If you get strange results from SRIM, then try converting your decimal point to a period. This is done by opening "My Computer", and then "Control Panel" and then "Regional Settings". Set your Regional Settings to "English (United States)". You can then check that the decimal point is now a period by selecting the Tab called "Number". It should show a period for the "Decimal Symbol". Close the Regional Settings window. It is NOT necessary to restart your computer. Now execute SRIM, and it should work OK. When you are finished with SRIM, reopen the Regional Settings and reset to your original standard.