James F. Ziegler

Professional Biography

Education: B.S., M.S., Ph.D. (1967) in Physics from Yale University, USA.

Work Experience: James Ziegler joined IBM-Research in 1967.  His initial work involved ion channeling studies of impurities in crystals, ion implantation to form electronic devices and radiation damage in materials. He was involved in the introduction of integrated circuit (IC) fabrication at IBM, especially the use of ion implantation to make doped semiconductor junctions. This led to work in IC device design and the conversion of discrete component technology to equivalent IC circuit replication. His 1979 paper suggesting that cosmic rays were a substantial contributor to electronic reliability has become the benchmark in the analysis of system reliability of terrestrial electronics. From 1975 - 2000, he was the manager of Radiation Science at IBM, which developed ion implantation technology for advanced integrated circuit manufacturing.  From 1996-2000 he conducted research in new concepts of high-frequency communication technologies including the incorporation of MEMS concepts into integrated circuit RF designs.


He has been elected a Fellow of the International Electrical and Electronic Engineering Society (IEEE) and also a Fellow of the American Physical Society. In 1987 he was awarded the "von-Humboldt Senior Scientist Prize" by the German Government. He is the author or editor of 20 scientific books on the above topics, and holds 16 U. S. Patents, mostly in integrated circuit technology. He is an instructor in various IBM schools, including the IBM Technical Education Institute (engineering lectures on VLSI processing) and the IBM Technical Vitality Educational Institute (public scientific lectures on topics such as "Global Warming" and "Cold Fusion"). He is the Chairman of two international technical schools: The CEI Schools on VLSI Processing (Europe and Singapore), and The International School of Ion Implantation which is held every two years..

He has been the manager of various IBM groups in the development and analysis of integrated circuit components and material science, and has published papers concerning VLSI design modeling, ion implantation, ion sputtering, ion beam lithography, micro-ion beams, ion accelerator development, the theory of ion penetration of matter; and the effects of radiation on VLSI and computer systems.


In 2000, he retired from IBM after 33 years. He currently is a Professor at the United States Naval Academy , Annapolis, MD, where he teaches science to Electrical Engineers.


Author / Editor of 20 Scientific Books :

United States Patents

 (5 more patents filed and pending)


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