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Ion Beam Analysis

Typical Analytic Plots (from Tutorial Manual)

Plots can be viewed with reduced resolution (15kB) or with full details (50kB). Plots are normally in 16 colors, but are included here only as B/W images to reduce transmission time. The full detailed figures are best viewed by printing (see below for instructions). The numbers on the Figure Captions (included in the figures) may differ from the numbers below.

Figures 1 - 6 shows analysis of a layered target of NiSi2 (2000A) on SiO2(500A) on Silicon

Figure 1 - Summary RBS Analysis showing Data + Theory Simulation + Depth Scales for Elements. ( Full Detail Image )

Figure 2 - Summary RBS Analysis showing Data + Absolute Areal Density + Relative Concentrations. ( Full Detail Image )

Figure 3 - RBS Analysis showing Data + Identification of Elements. ( Full Detail Image )

Figure 4 - RBS Analysis showing Data + Relative Concentration of Elements from Peak Heights. ( Full Detail Image )

Figure 5 - RBS Analysis showing Data + Background Subtraction and Areal Density calculation. ( Full Detail Image )

Figure 6 - RBS Analysis showing Data + Theory with separate plots of each element (Ni, Si and O). ( Full Detail Image )

Figure 7 - RBS + ERD with 12 MeV Oxygen atoms, showing how complex a spectrum may become when both scattered ions and target atoms are detected. ( Full Detail Image )

Figure 8 - ERD Analysis of Polystyrene showing Hydrogen Concentration vs. Depth Scales. ( Full Detail Image )

Figure 9 - ERD Analysis of Hydrogen (15 keV) implanted into Silicon with surface hydrocarbon layer. ( Full Detail Image )

Printing Full Detail Images. Select any Full Detail Image from the above listing. When the figure downloads, it probably will have too many pixels to be viewed on your monitor. You will see only the upper-left corner of the image. Save the image. (The process to save an image varies with each Web Browser. For example, using Netscape Navigator, one presses the left mouse button to select the image, then the right mouse button for a menu which includes a SAVE command.) After you have downloaded the images to your harddisk, you will then load them into a graphics program and print at 200 to 300 dpi (250 dots/inch = 100 dots/centimeter) resolution, portrait mode, which will fill one page for each image.

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